Gift Guide: For the Gentleman

Tis the season, Lovelies. Let's go shopping! We have a plethora of fabulous gifts for all the people in your life and over the next few weeks, we'll outline some of our favorites! See our Gift Guide for the Ladies here!

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For the Gentleman in your life...

Create the perfect at-home spa experience with a scalp massager, massage salt stones, a massage flame candle. Work out those deeper aches with doTERRA Deep Blue essential oil or lotion and heatable body packs.


Shaving can be a daily, yet painful, experience. Soothe his razor-burned skin with PFB skin care products. Then keep that skin smooth, healthy and glowing with Ormedic skin care regime, designed specifically for his skin type.

Keep the spa-like aromatherapy going with a lava stone bracelet and his favorite Doterra essential oil.

Or, pick up a gift card for a facial, sports or deep tissue massage, a Gentleman's Spa package, and more!